Ginger Fling by Chris Gough exhibiting artist  at North House Gallery Manningtree, Essex


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Exhibition detail

Ginger Fling

Ginger Fling

Acrylic & charcoal


Criss-Cross Variation 2 (Violet) - CHRIS GOUGH Criss-Cross Variation 3 (Red) - CHRIS GOUGH Criss-Cross Daydreams (33) - CHRIS GOUGH Vertical Thoughts 2 (Gathering Darkness) - CHRIS GOUGH White (4 Part - s) - CHRIS GOUGH Uncertain Symmetry 3 (4 Part - s) - CHRIS GOUGH Spun (4 Part-r) - CHRIS GOUGH Lyrical Structures (Without Portraiture) - CHRIS GOUGH Symmetries (Two Nines) - CHRIS GOUGH Now and Then 3 - CHRIS GOUGH Towards Dark (7 Voices) - CHRIS GOUGH Walk (With Leaping Curves) - CHRIS GOUGH Summertime Blue - CHRIS GOUGH Ginger Fling - CHRIS GOUGH Tra 19 (Silver Dance) - CHRIS GOUGH After the Flood (Ifford) - CHRIS GOUGH

Exhibition dates

9 March - 4 April 2015
Open on Saturdays, 10 am - 5 pm or by appointment.


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