Two Perch II, Monoprint by Julian Meredith exhibiting artist  at North House Gallery Manningtree, Essex


Exhibition detail

Two Perch II, Monoprint

Meredith Two Perch II



Flukes, Stencil - JULIAN MEREDITHwww… Woodcut - JULIAN MEREDITHSperm Whale's Flukes, Monoprint - JULIAN MEREDITHHerring Bone Fish Trap - JULIAN MEREDITHMeredith Two Perch, Monoprint - JULIAN MEREDITHTwo Perch II, Monoprint - JULIAN MEREDITHMeredith Five Perch, Monoprint - JULIAN MEREDITHMeredith Swifts (Scream), Monoprint - JULIAN MEREDITHCorvid, Monoprint - JULIAN MEREDITHOtters, Monoprint - JULIAN MEREDITHOtters and Spur Dogfish - JULIAN MEREDITHChicks, Monoprint - JULIAN MEREDITHRed Perch,  Woodcut - JULIAN MEREDITHMeredith Three Nail Fish - JULIAN MEREDITHRedd, Woodcut - JULIAN MEREDITHBlue Fin, Scarborough - JULIAN MEREDITH

Exhibition dates

31 August - 28 September 2019
Open on Saturdays, 10 am - 5 pm or by appointment.


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