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NOTICE - May 2021

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The Winter Print Show features seven artists, all (but one) new to the gallery: Dolores de Sade, Judith Foster, Jane Grisewood, Mari Kidd, Mitsushige Nishiwaki, Rosie Walters & Jane Waterhouse.

Dolores de Sade’s work is concerned with knowledge, memory, nostalgia and narrative. Looking at possible portrayals of an event, place or object, her work explores the temporal nature of such states of being.

Judith Foster is a painter who makes prints in a similar layered way that she makes paintings. Her methods include intaglio, relief and embossing, collage, carborundum and scoring, so her prints are likely to be in small editions or unique, and mostly black with a bit of colour to light the way.

Jane Grisewood observed the annular solar eclipse on 20 May 2012 while artist-in-residence at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Arizona. Her Black Light: Eclipse series tracks the moon crossing the sun during the eclipse which creates a temporary darkness where the light is black.

Mari Kidd concentrates on the relationships between objects and the space they occupy. The simple content of the Light Bulb Chair series allows her to manipulate the design elements of the still lifes. Variations in inking and printing techniques encourage different narratives from the same elements.

Mitsushige Nishiwaki is a self-trained etcher, showing in the UK for the first time. His early travels in charge of European business for a Japanese industrial company, followed by postgraduate studies in graphic design in Arizona and work as a graphic designer in NYC, inform his singular, humorous images of Europe and the USA created back home in Tokyo.

Rosie Walters explores the theme of escape by creating imagined landscapes. She created the artwork of an exploding piano for Poppy Ackroyd’s first solo album “Escapement” which will be available at the exhibition.

Jane Waterhouse makes prints of objects by a form of mechanical photography, scale 1:1, with a directness that leaves room for the imagination. The seemingly random subjects of her Wayfaring Series, stir memories and emotions. Brussels anyone?

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