ESMOND BINGHAM & LINDSAY HARRIS Mood, Magic & Mischief art exhibition  at North House Gallery Manningtree, Essex


Mood, Magic & Mischief

Esmond & Lindsay met over a hot vacuum-former in a plastics workshop in 1974! Ironically, at the time she was working three-dimensionally while he was soon to be experimenting with 2D.

Whilst they have always worked independently, they are intrigued by the way aspects of the work of one can, over a period of time, find echoes in that of the other. By contrast, an unlikely spark can also cross the abyss unexpectedly.

Essentially, Esmond is an artist who works three-dimensionally but who sometimes uses drawing and photography to explore ideas in a different way. Lindsay's drawings delve into the real three-dimensional world with its tricks of light and substance. Both are fascinated with the inconsequential everyday "stuff" which surrounds us.

Esmond plays (almost obsessively) with materials to elicit their essential character: the resultant work is a meeting point between his temperament and conceptual preoccupations and what the material itself has to say.

Lindsay explores, on paper, the effects of light on form and space to create something which is more of a "sensation" that a depiction.

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Open on Saturdays, 10 am - 5 pm or by appointment.

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